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What does subscription give me?

VaaS-t | Make Meeting Simple

Super-fast endpoint set-up. Just plug in the cables and you’re ready to go. No need for expensive installation.

The Debut is protected behind the security features on VaaS-t® Powered by Polycom® protecting your endpoint from unsolicited calls

Subscribed endpoints become contacts in your VaaS-t® Powered by Polycom® directory allowing direct calls to-and-from your Debut.

Simply buy a Polycom Debut (Polycom part code 7230-69487-102) and get 1 year subscription, 1 year Polycom® Partner warranty and a 10 x Enterprise User Licence Plan trial for 30 days completely free of charge. This package is worth over £2800. Now you can buy this for just £1333 (list price exc. VAT)

There are a lot of meeting rooms out there that need your attention - according to Wainhouse research, there are an estimated 50 million huddle spaces worldwide.

What is a huddle room?

A huddle room is defined as a meeting space which typically can accommodate up to 6 people due to it's size or shape.

These spaces have not typically been video enabled as the only options were a PC-based system with USB cameras and microphones to more expensive dedicated VC solutions found more in boardrooms or larger meeting rooms.

This is why Polycom has launched the Polycom® RealPresence® Debut™ - an easy to install and configure one box enterprise video solution.  

For more information, click to download the documents below :

VaaS-t Powered By Polycom Brochure.pdf RealPresence Debut VaaS-t Offer.pdf